Organized Crimes, Security and the Police

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According to the criminal law, the organized crimes have a unique characteristic which is the planned way of accomplishing. This indicates that in comparison with others, these kinds of crimes are not new ones and in spite of it, every crime can be accomplished in an organized manner. In the mean time, based on criminology, other than way of accomplishing, the organized crimes have two other characteristics including their financial and trans-national features. Whenever the above characteristics are linked to the perpetrators of organized crimes, the role of security as the subject of this crime is highlighted. However, despite of terrorism which mainly targets the citizens, these crimes are behaviors against economic and national security. Pursuing those crimes is not comparable to those on the streets or other coercive crimes. Due to the linkage between organized crime perpetrators and the power and also because of formalistic respect to the law and norms by them, police has not been so successful in identification and hunting those criminals.


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