Police and Diversity

Document Type : Research Paper



Living in the wide range of diversities and the recognition of these diversities is among the most characteristic features of the modern world. Because of extensive and permanent migrations and the extensive and international communications and the globalization of economic activities, more or less, every society around the world has become diverse and multiethnic society. On the other hand, if we define the function of police institution as establishing order and security in a society, it become clear that this institution must be accommodated to the emerging trends and circumstances of its society. Accordingly, in many countries and even in many cosmopolitan cities, charters and codes of conduct has been designed, so that their aim being as making smoother and more effective functioning of police institution. After a brief discussion on the meaning and the content of concept of diversity, in this paper, central and common themes of abovementioned charters and codes of conduct, which were proposed for more effective working of police in diverse societies, will be examined.


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