International Rules and Norms: Creation, Development and Influence

Document Type : Research Paper



In spite of the decentralized nature of the international system, the global society benefits from norms and rules which are indicating the appropriate behavior based on its social system. These norms not only have a direct effect on international behaviors of the States, but also have contribution in comprehension and identity of the States and decision makers and hence shape their behaviors. These international rules and norms are social and inter-subjective concepts which are created by interaction between the international actors and when their social background fades away, they gradually vanish too.   This paper aims to provide more useful and accurate understanding about international rules and norms in the international relations and also intends to answer the question that how our view through the prism of international norms and rules influences our perception and comprehension of international relations? This issue is explained through illustration of the nature of international rules and norms, the ways and means of their shape and development and the reasons for complying with or breach of these norms and rules by the States.


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