Pathology of the Ways of Combating Administrative Corruption in Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



The main purpose of this paper is to study the pathology of the ways combating administrative corruption in Iran. There are not many countries like Iranwhich is involved in combating administrative corruption and its politicians pay that amount of attention to this problem. However, despite lots of resources dedicated to this combat in Iran, less result has been achieved. This paper argues that this is because of ignoring or less attention to the effective problems, the most important of which are as follows: ethical approach in combating corruption, generalization of Weberian bureaucracy to the reality, concealment and lack of transparency in combating administrative corruption, neglecting the citizen's demand side of administrative corruption, bureaucratic authority, weak bases of the client and its fragile feature in the bureaucracy, sympathetic attempts in a rentier environment, centralized ownership of mass media and limitations by the governments over the quantity and quality of their reports, deficient use of market-oriented mechanisms, pressure of interest groups to restrain from seriously following the combat administrative corruption and finally lack of trust to the relevant independent institutions


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