The prospects of Human Security in Middle East in 21st Century

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To be channel between The East and The West, its energy resources, its political structures, its Imperialistic experiences and its cultural contradictions with the world, put theMiddle Eastinto realistic context and fabricated by state, national and regional security than the human security and they overlaid it. It argues that this situation didn't achieve the peace and stability for the region. Making up for lost time, empowering and protecting the human issues entail to be though the channel state security and human development. The paper is examining political reforms, economic and demographic problems, energy issues and modern technology in the Middle Eastern as human developments or freedom from needs and so discussing theIraqcrisis, nuclear proliferations, terrorism andPalestine-Israelconflict as main human security or freedom from fear in theMiddle East. And the last make some suggestions for the current fabric of the region.


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