Possibility and Impossibility of Colored Revolution Within the Iranian Society

Document Type : Research Paper



With the abolition of classic revolutions and in the mean time commencement of the new century, we witness surfacing and triumph of the so called "Colored Revolutions".  This paper while recognizing common and general features of the societies faced Colored Revolution, and paying attention to Yugoslavian example, as a case study, analyzes the possibility and impossibility of occurrence of such a phenomenon at the Iranian society. Therefore, the author considers the political structure of the system of the Islamic Republic of Iran and ways of its functioning at the social environment as well as means of social action at the Iranian society.  Based on the assumption of the author, due to existence of circumstances at the society and political system, happening of some social movements aiming at regime change in the Islamic Republic of Iran through Colored Revolution it would be possible. However, due to some obstacles in the political system and the society, triumph of such a revolution and realization of its aims would be impossible.


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