Israel and Continuation of Tension between Iran and the United States

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linked to the heterogeneous political identities of the two sides. In this way, the role ofIsraelas an apprehensive variable is very important, because, neither the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to acceptIsraelas an actor in the region, nor theUScan be indifferent towards the threats and pressures ofIranagainst its long life ally,Israel. It is specially the case due to the Jewish society in theUSas the main important lobby group in the country which is completely effective on decision making in the field of foreign policy including the US Middle East policy. Nowadays, theUSaccusations againstIran, including preventing the peace process in the Middle East, acquiring weapons of mass destruction, harboring terrorism and breach of human rights and democracy are strongly linked with security ofIsrael.  Therefore, although a limited cooperation betweenIranand theUSis possible at the tactical level, but as long as the current interaction between theUSandIsraelgoes on, normalization of theIran–USrelations would be impossible.    


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