Persian Gulf Oil; America's Challenges and Policies

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In the early years of 21 Century, American public organizations launched an Overwhelming wave about the threat of dependence of America on the oil of states around the Persian Gulf and Called for adopting exact and long – term Policies in order to forestalling of a dangers arising from this dependence. Given that America's oil imports from persian gulf region only includes 11/2% of total oil imports of this country from the world and united states have strategic relations with most of states of the region and there have been created profound and continuous relationships between them, this question arise that what is the main cause of this concerns and policy – making in order to have further control on the oil rich region of persian gulf?In this article, references have been made on the international aims and Justifications of America in adopthing such policy towards persian gulf region and its consequences for this country and other international and regional actors have been evaluated.


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