Power and Security in (The Persian) The Mirror for princes: A Study on Siyar - ul - muluk by Khwaja Nizam - ul- Mulk

Document Type : Research Paper



Following the Skinner's method in reading of political paper, the paper is examining security in Nizam – ul – Mulk's perception as a notably thinkers in political curriculum. In his explanation there is 'organic' relation between subjects' security and the king's power. Security make proper situation for developing subjects' welfare and resulted that the king could assess taxation in incomes of them for improving the 'treasury' of kingdom. So this balance and equilibrium between them is necessary so that subjects couldn't take power and independence for making resistance in front of the king and would be in mercy and horror situation. The main security problems in the kingdom as Nizam – ul – Mulk's perception are increasing the power of the other kings, appearing the seditious and the impious in the religion, the king's weakness and dubiety on enforcing the force, unemployment, and dominancy of children and women in the kingdom.


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