Power as Security: Reviewing the Modern Political Theory

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In the Ancient period religious knowledge system and classic political philosophy didn't in itself focus on security. Inward security in the pre-modern era, in fact, was rooted in the fatality that unavailable for the human being. They were lived in the spiritual atmosphere and believed in the divine destiny that flow over in the natural law and latent harmony in the universe in which definite his/her life and inward security. The Stoic philosophy, in addition, was based upon this order which linked to the Plato's and Aristotle's and Christianity philosophy, the later. In stead of the past, modern political philosophy that constructed the modern state was paying more attention on power and security.Here the purpose is reviewing what and how the transition occurred in the history of political thoughts and for doing it, it is necessary to definite how the men converted. Author by exploring how the modern mankind emerged in the west and explanting the characteristics of him/her is trying to form into the existence and evaluation of the political theory by referring to the two important thinkers: Machiavelli and Hobbes. Resulting that men by denying the gifted and destined order felt alone, and inevitably insecurity and unsafely made more important than. So security made way as the fireplace of the modern age.


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