International Sanctions and the Islamic Republic of Iran's National Security

Document Type : Research Paper



The Islamic Republic of Iran faces with the international punishment option by IAEA reporting the Iran's nuclear case to United Nations ' Security Council (UNSC). These punishments that contain the economic sanctions, cutting the diplomatic exchange, military action – limited or expanded- is affecting the Islamic Republic of Iran's national security. Taking any dimension of this option, in one hand, is concerned to Iran's national interests, cost and benefit analysis, social, economic, and political characteristics and the nature of politics in the domestic decision-making process, and the other hand, dealing with the national interests, policy, and political willing of powerful states involved in the Iran's case. Resulting any dimension of these option for the Islamic Republic of Iran by the various logics and theories of international punishments, capabilities and interests of any powerful states for enforcing the punishments, and endure ability in punishments impacts, is discussed here.


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