Criticizing the Theory of Securitization

Document Type : Research Paper



    Theory of securitization was produced by Copenhagen school for analyzing the security problems. According the Speech Act conception, this theory by focus on linguistic analysis of security argues that it would be just appeared when expressed. The theory by designing actor, context and audience does discuss about the security problems. As matter of fact, the theory enjoys from constructive and realistic epistemology. Here the purpose of this paper is discussing and examining this theory by making some questions such as what's security, who's the securitizing actor, in which condition the problem may be concept as a security problem and what the proper time of securitizing the phenomena is. And also, this article from critique stand bring up six objects related to the theory such as exclusivities and anxiety, the strategic speech act, what kind of action, which type of threat, succession, and security: self – objectification. After all the theory the more is a managing theory than the analytical or appraisal one, because of it focus on how could be managing better the security sphere.


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