Security – Logical Dimensions of the Buy- Back Treaty

Document Type : Research Paper



Global significance of gas and oil as the main energy sources was ever caused to crises, conflicts and regional and global coalitions, too. By the dependency of macro economy in Iran to petroleum industry and for confronting to economic, political and security – legal challenges, obligations and limitations, it is necessary that we chose the best mechanism for exploiting of this strategy goods. The buy-back as a legal mechanism due to focus on nationalization of the oil industry, constitutional and customary law enactment, being the capital investment limitation, and absence of high technology in oil industry, would be with positive and negative characteristics for Iran. For improving the positive and reducing the negative of the treaty for safeguarding our national interest, it is better to discuss the nature of the buy-back and examining the parties' commitments and obligations. Working the modern manner of law would not be worthy for protecting the national sources, ecological environment and national interest; so with the long term view and awareness the Iranian side (party) could be reduce the cost of the treaty as possible.


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