Economic Considerations of the U.S. Security Strategy in the Persian Gulf

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The U.S. security strategy in the Persian Gulf base on presence, influence and intervention discussed from different perspective in the recent decades. It wasn't naturally touched by any considerations, but vice versa moved by many considerations. In this situation, economic considerations, unconsciously, have had efficacious role in the U.S. security strategy related to that region. Security of energy supply, bring back the petrodollars and protecting the hegemony of dollar are the main economic factors of the U.S. strategy that exanimate here. Notice that these economic considerations are related to explicit function of the U.S. macro strategy in international sphere. According to this strategy, the U.S. would be supporting the free and regulated flow of international economy. It is reality that the U.S. hegemonic capabilities and capacities in international sphere make the most opportunity for enjoying this situation by this country and also these instruments would be strong backing of this country in throughout the world.


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