A Theoretical Consideration on Social Security; with Emphasis on Types of Security

Document Type : Research Paper



Social security is one of the most important measures in the way of preserving the livelihood of social groups vis-à-vis the supreme and exclusive authority as represented by the state. It also provides ground for the enjoyment of opportunities, possibilities and facilities by various social groups in order to attain their functional objectives. This article has studied types of security and social requirements with respect to social security. Examining distinct characteristics of conceptual contours of social security, national security and public security, the article explores the possibility of replacement of national security with social security. On this basis, the realization of social security leads to the opening of doors of solidarity and increased interactions among social groups and strata thus creating a more open social atmosphere. Although social security was initially proposed with the intention of creating security for large religious and ethnic groups which played a role at the transnational and international levels, it lacks, in brief, the necessary mechanisms as an alternative to national security.


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