Identification of the Reference of Authority in Imam Khomeini’s National Security Attitude

Document Type : Research Paper



This article makes attempts to study and explore the reference of security in Imam Khomeini’s opinions and thinking. The author proposes three indicators for identifying the reference of security including the threat parameter, factors of acquiring security, and security goals and policy-making. Furthermore, five references in the national security literature including individual, regime, society, state and the world. Considering these parameters, this article holds that the reference of security is combined and multiple in Imam Khomeini’s viewpoint involving society, state and regime which have an interactive and dialectical relationship. In the heart of the society’s reference, two factors, Islam and people play a crucial part. In a nutshell, it can be indicated that without people’s satisfaction and their support for their government and state, the foundations of national security remain fragile. Therefore, in his attitude, the reference of society involving two paramount parameters of Islam and people takes precedence over the two other references.


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