Strategic Bases of Reforming Economic Develoment Politices and State Priorities in Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



Achieving social justice as the most paramount objective and slogan of the new cabinet in the Islamic Republic of Iran is derived from the ideals of the glorious Islamic Revolution. In constructive interaction with the world economy and in line with the Iran’s 20-Year Vision Document, this goal is conditional upon fundamental reforms and adjustment in most of economic policies and executive directives including the role and function of the state in order to accelerate, expand and institutionalize sustainable economic development. This article addresses trade, productive and investment areas in the production and service sectors on the one hand, and the amendment of policies and the role and place of the state in economic realm as the strategic foundation of reforming economic development policies. It also deals with certain challenges in social realms and the consequences of economic development policies. The writing’s explanatory-analytical approach is based upon international political economy and refers to interaction between economics and politics in domestic and international areas.

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