Human Security: Conceptual Bases and Strategic Requirements

Document Type : Research Paper



Human security is one of the concepts which have been developed in order to go beyond the traditional sense of security and national security. With respect to human security, there is relative consensus on a fairly comprehensive definition that includes the maintenance of the critical mass of all human kinds vis-à-vis the prevailing threats, consistent with long-term human fulfillment and flourishing. This writing examines the difference of human security from related concepts such as individual security, human development, human rights and sustainable development and then describes strategies for the realization of human security, that is conservation strategy and empowerment. To propose and explain the idea of human security is of importance both theoretically and in policy-making terms. From a theoretical point of view, developing human security is considerable in a more comprehensive and complete view toward the category of security. In terms of decision-making, human security can also help design strategy, (re)formulate priorities and replace some of them, give priority to software elements along with hardware ones, boost civil society and institutions and pay attention to fairer distribution of resources.


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