Arbitration process

All articles are considered confidential and evaluated by at least two referees selected by the editorial board. The editor's decision regarding the acceptance, non-acceptance or need for corrections of the article will be notified to the authors as soon as it is received. Respected authors should note that the authors' council is free to accept, reject, make corrections (with the authors) or edit the articles.

All articles submitted to the journal are first reviewed by the Quarterly Council. The articles must be prepared according to the instructions in the "Guidelines for Authors" section. The lack of appropriateness of the articles with the goals and contexts of the publication and their inappropriate structure will lead to the rejection of the articles. If an article is approved in the initial review, it will be sent to two referees for judging. In certain cases (for example, in the field of statistics or a particular technique) the opinions of more referees may be used. All articles are subject to double-blind peer review, during which reviewers and authors remain anonymous. At least two reviewers should evaluate the articles for scientific quality. Judges are usually faculty members of universities across the country. In case of conflicting feedback, the editor of the journal often sends the articles to another reviewer. The referees are invited via email from the article submission system. Referees must log in to the article submission system and use the links to reject or accept the invitation. The referees are also requested to send their extended comments on the article to the editor if needed.

Authors should respond to reviewers' comments by commenting and clearly indicate corrections in the text through a different color and highlighting of changes. Finally, the editor and manager of the quarterly review the reviewers' feedback and decide to reject or accept the article based on their opinions regarding the potential of publishing the article. Decisions may be in the form of acceptance without amendments, acceptance with minor amendments, acceptance after general amendments, revision and resubmission or rejection of the article.

Once all referees have submitted a detailed report of their comments on the paper, the refereeing process is complete. Typically, the journal asks reviewers to complete their review within four weeks.