A Strategic Assessment of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Foreign Policy toward Afghanistan

Document Type : Research Paper



The Islamic Republic of Iran's policies in Afghanistan and their outcomes affect considerably other areas of foreign policy at the regional and international levels and as such are of strategic significance. On this basis, this article assesses the Islamic Republic of Iran's foreign policy toward Afghanistan during the 1990s from a strategic viewpoint and studies pathologically the factors influencing the Islamic Republic of Iran's decision-making in Afghanistan including the issues at hand for decision-making, those involved in decision-making, the process of decision-making, implementation of decisions and the outcomes of decisions. In this respect, the author replies to the substantial question that what positive or adverse consequences the Islamic Republic of Iran's polices in Afghanistan have had and what relationship exists between such consequences and decision-making methods in this area.   The author continues to describe general outlooks found in the Islamic Republic of Iran's decision-making apparatus toward Afghanistan and re-examines the existing viewpoints regarding the developments occurred following the May 1997 Presidential elections in Iran in this area of decision-making.


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