InvoMng Civil Society

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The author in this article in attention to rise of civil society concept in recent years, attempts to rationalize and justify this concept in terms of global and eastern processes. To this purpose after analyzing recent fifthy years occurences in USSR, he notes to special approach of civil society which includes western liberal democracy. According to the author the significant factor which sould be redifiened for creation of civil society is state. Hence, it is necessary to discuss about minimal and maximal state and that civil society is inconsistent with minimal state. Ofcourse, the author have been able to distinguish two kind of civil societies in the light of minimal state: minimal civil society and strong civil society. In sum, this article by employing these two models of civil society, derive historical origins of civil society in the west and then give a particular vision of various and partly different thoughts of western scholars-from medieval to contemporary ages.  

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تألیف: جی.مدیسون
ترجمه: سیمین رونقی