The Ethnic Sources of Nationalism

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In this article, anther tells us about an important Political phenomena: "Sudden Resurgence of Ethnicity." He belives that, even in present era, the problem of "Ethnicity" is a big problem for   meny of Countries. Ethnic Nationalism (E.N) is an new form of ethnicity and nationalism, that we now see in the world. Imaging a world without E.N, really, is impossible! because we live in different Communities, and according to this Variation, the variety of Identity is an usual issue.In thus way, he explains the different forms of Ethic Crystallization in the two time sections: in the new era that we have memy factors acting in shopping E.N. And in Pre-new era, there have been four factors: I)Territory 2)The Vicissitudes of Struggle 3)Institutionlized forms of religion. 4)Ethnic Chosenness.At the end, anther has a glance on mechanism of changing in the Ethnic-National level. By the way, as outlier says, the different forms of E.N, are the most important type of Ethnic-Struggle in the world. And for this reason, all slates should pay attention to the active rule of E.N.

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