Keywords = Foreign Policy
Neighborhood Policy in Iran’s Foreign Affairs: A Proposed Model and Policy Recommendations

Volume 26, Issue 100, August 2023, Pages 57-81


abouzar Gohari Moghadam; Meysam Bashiri Lahaqi; Younos Kolivand

Foreign Policy and National Security Governance

Volume 25, Issue 98, February 2023, Pages 217-247

mahmoud yazdanfam

Considerations for the Islamic Republic of Iran

Volume 25, Issue 98, February 2023, Pages 311-331

Azam Molaee; Majid Kafi

United States' Security Consultant Model

Volume 25, Issue 97, October 2022, Pages 221-253

Hosein Najafi

The theory of Revolutionary New Order in International Relations

Volume 25, Issue 96, July 2022, Pages 331-368

Rohullah Qadri Kangavari

Iran Strategic Issues Network and the role of structural factors in their formation

Volume 24, Issue 94, January 2022, Pages 71-120

mahmoud yazdanfam; Hassan Sadrania

Exploring the Signification of "security" in Islamic Republic of Iran Foreign Policy

Volume 23, Issue 89, December 2021, Pages 63-86

Hojr Ardestani; Mohammadreza Tajik; Masoud Mousavi Shafaee; Mohsen Eslami

Impact of Strategic Culture on Foreign Policy Decisions of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Volume 22, Issue 84, September 2019, Pages 71-104

Hossein Salimi; Amin Hejazi

Security and Development in the Light of Foreign Policy

Volume 20, Issue 76, September 2017, Pages 7-32

Mahdi Shapouri; Masoud Mousavi Shafaee; Ahmad Sultaninejad

Foreign Policy of Saudi Arabia: Sources, Purposes and Issues

Volume 20, Issue 75, April 2017, Pages 107-132

Ali Akbar Assadi

Erdoganism and Understanding the Turkish Middle East Policy

Volume 19, Issue 73, January 2017, Pages 69-92

Vali Golmohammadi; Seyed Mohammad Kazem Sajjadpour; Masoud Mousavi Shafaiee

The Sources of Pluralistic International Identity Discourse in Foreign Policy of China

Volume 18, Issue 67, March 2015, Pages 97-132

Fariborz Arghavan Pirsalaami

The Religious Zionism and its Strategic Role in Israel’s Foreign Policy

Volume 17, Issue 66, September 2014, Pages 129-160

Mahdi Ahouie

Comparative study of U.S. and Chinese strategic culture

Volume 17, Issue 65, July 2014, Pages 197-236

Hossein Salimi; / Leila Rahmatipoor

Foreign policy strategies of I.R. Iran to achieve 1404 vision goals

Volume 16, Issue 60, August 2013, Pages 33-60

Mohammad Akraminia

Security foundations of China foreign policy

Volume 16, Issue 60, August 2013, Pages 125-152

Abdollah Ghanbarloo

National security considerations and westernization in turkey foreign policy

Volume 15, Issue 58, July 2013, Pages 171-198

Abdollah Ganbarloo

Prospect of India's soft power: opportunities and challenges

Volume 15, Issue 58, July 2013, Pages 199-228

Davood Aghaee; Mahmoud Hoseini

entity in constructivism and public diplomacy: case study of china

Volume 16, Issue 59, June 2013, Pages 149-182

Nozar Shafiei; Roya Nezhad Zandieh

Muslim brotherhood movement and future of Egypt foreign policy

Volume 15, Issue 55, June 2012, Pages 103-126

Mohammad Mahmoodian

Ekhvanism and Qatar foreign policy toward 2011 Arab revolutions

Volume 15, Issue 55, June 2012, Pages 127-148

Nabiollah Ebrahimi