Keywords = Security
Meta Synthesis Structural Analysis Of The System Of Problems In The Provinces Of Iran

Volume 25, Issue 97, October 2022, Pages 85-124

Mir Ghasem Banihashemi

Analysis of the content of the first secondary textbooks from the perspective of national interests

Volume 25, Issue 96, July 2022, Pages 85-122

Mohammad Ali Fateminia; Mehdi Nurolahi

Exploring the Signification of "security" in Islamic Republic of Iran Foreign Policy

Volume 23, Issue 89, December 2021, Pages 63-86

Hojr Ardestani; Mohammadreza Tajik; Masoud Mousavi Shafaee; Mohsen Eslami

The Role of Extremists in Internal Challenges of the Zionist Regime

Volume 23, Issue 89, December 2021, Pages 133-172

Vahideh Ahmadi

A Meta-Analysis of the Iranian Religious Trend over the Past Decade and Its Security Consequences

Volume 24, Issue 92, September 2021, Pages 33-72

Hamed Abdollahi Sefidan; Aliakbar Adbilahadi Moghadam; Mohammadtaghi Dashtei

Islamic Republic of Iran and Zionist Regime; Duality of Sport in International Arena

Volume 23, Issue 90, March 2021, Pages 205-224

Mehdi Shariati Feizabadi

Securitization and International Challenges on Water in South Asia: A case study of Pakistan

Volume 22, Issue 85, January 2020, Pages 135-158

Naser Hadian; Hanifeh Rigi

Focusing on Tourism as an Alternative to Oil: A Must to Achieve Sustainable National Security

Volume 21, Issue 81, December 2019, Pages 33-56

Arsalan Fathipour; Mohsen Qadami; Abdollah Hendiani; Ali Akbar Rezaei

Neo-Archaism and Its Impact on Islamic Republic of Iran's Cultural-Political Security

Volume 21, Issue 82, March 2019, Pages 153-182

Ali Karimi-Male; Reza Garshasbi

Security From Ibn Khaldun's Perspective

Volume 21, Issue 80, September 2018, Pages 7-32

Najaf Lakzaee; Hossein Mircheraqkhani

A New Attitude Toward Security and China's Comprehensive Security Approach

Volume 21, Issue 79, June 2018, Pages 69-92

Afshin Shamiri Shekafti; Behzad Shahandeh; Mohsen Eslami

Germany's Security Strategy in West Asia and Its Implications for Islamic Republic of Iran

Volume 21, Issue 79, June 2018, Pages 93-120

Amir Mohammad Haji Yousefi; Behzad Ahmadi Lafouraki

Security and Development in the Light of Foreign Policy

Volume 20, Issue 76, September 2017, Pages 7-32

Mahdi Shapouri; Masoud Mousavi Shafaee; Ahmad Sultaninejad

Property Right Security and Underdevelopment in Iran

Volume 20, Issue 76, September 2017, Pages 33-64

Fatemeh Sorkhedehi; Hussein Raghfar; Farshad Momeni

Foreign Trade and Environmental Security of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Volume 19, Issue 74, March 2017, Pages 115-138

Morteza Khorsandi; Narges Kafi; Hamid Amadeh

Justice and National Security in International Relations: an Islamic approach

Volume 16, Issue 61, December 2014, Pages 131-158

Hadi Ajili; Ali Esmaeeli Ardakani

A Comparative Study on the Concept of Security in the Latest Security Schools

Volume 17, Issue 66, September 2014, Pages 7-30

Nabiallah Ebrahimi

Impact of revolution and dispute in Arab states on Israel security: an internal viewpoint

Volume 15, Issue 55, June 2012, Pages 169-186

Amin Parto; Mostafa Karimi